Here you can find sewing tutorials and refashion projects. Creating one-of-a-kind clothing is one of my favorite things.

Two New Patterns For Spring M7287 + M7542

Spring could not come any faster here in Washington. Its been a cold, wet, never-ending winter. I may be jumping ahead but I pulled out these two patterns for spring. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the snow, for the first month or so, but I am ready for some warmer weather. […]

Peplum Shirt Refashion

I love when I find a new thrift store in town. It’s easy to do since I haven’t really explored that much since we moved here. I have been loving peplum shirts and ruffles so when I came across this gingham shirt I knew exactly what I wanted to do with […]

Simple Refashion: Jean Jacket & Lace

This refashion project is 100% inspired by a Pinterest find. I saw a project on there that added lace to jean jacket. Just one quick search shows lots of jean jackets decked out in lace, ruffles, and tons of different trims. The jean jacket I used I thrifted from Plato’s closet and […]

Zelena Halloween Costume – Wicked Witch Refashion

For everyone that watches Once Upon a Time, I decided to be Zelena for Halloween. For everyone else, I’m just the Wicked Witch of the West. I was never a big Wizard of Oz fan, but I love, love , LOVE Wicked, the musical. So when they tied the Wicked […]

Pinterest Closet: Refashioned Chambray Dress

Let’s just admit it, everyone has got their dream closet on Pinterest. After endless hours on Pinterest, I know you have some clothes you are just dying to have off of there. I found this pretty chambray shirt on my Pinterest from OpenSky a few weeks ago. It totally remind me of […]

Fourth of July: A DIY & Refashion

Two years ago I made red, white, and blue tie dye shirts for my whole family. Then, last year I decided to refashion two of them into a dress for the Fourth of July. It just so happens to bemy favorite refashion ever! Fourth of July: A DIY & Refashion Before […]

The Ugly Skirt Challenge from Skirt Fixation

When scrolling through all my favorite refashion blogs I came across the Ugly Skirt challenge from Skirt Fixation. I knew I wanted to try it so I messaged them and they sent me this black skirt made of some funky fabric. The shape was a little mermaid-esque, seeing as it […]

Everything You Need to Start Sewing. Sewing Essentials

Everyone always asks me about sewing, how to sew, what you need, and where to start. So I’ve compiled a list of sewing essentials you need to get started sewing! Once you have all the supplies, it’s fun and easy to do. Here is Everything You Need to Start Sewing! The Must […]

Dress to Apron Refashion

This refashion takes a Goodwill dress to the kitchen as a cute apron! I liked the dress color but it was outdated and too big for me. But by cutting it up, it turned out to be a perfect apron refashion. Dress to Apron Refashion: I liked the pink and […]

Purple Ruffle Skirt

I wear skirts all the time to work and skirts are really easy to come by at thrift stores.  So here is another little refashioned purple ruffle skirt I made two years ago! Before & After First I found this purple suede skirt at Goodwill. It fit in the waist […]