Here you can find everything not sewing/craft related. Check out photos of our home and life in Washington.

My 10 Favorite Things

It’s my birthday but I pretty much want to stay 22 forever. I know I can’t be the only one that feels that way, right? Since today’s my special day and while I didn’t really make/craft myself anything for my birthday, I did put together this post about some of my favorite […]

Happy Valentine’s Day – From Me to You!

Some people think today is just a day for showing extra love to your significant other, but I think it’s the perfect day to let all your friends and family know you love them! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little extra love these days? So Happy Valentine’s Day […]

Valentine’s Day Farmhouse Inspired Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is two weeks from today. If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife that loves the farmhouse style then this gift guide is perfect for you (and it’s all on amazon so you can get it in plenty of time for the big day). […]

365 Days of Married Life

Technically now its been 366 because last year was a leap year, but who’s counting? Someone told me the first year of marriage is the hardest. So if that’s true I have good news, we made it! This first year of married life played out differently than expected, but I […]

Winter Wedding at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum

It’s basically taken a year for me to put together this post of my favorite photos from our special day. I love how they turned out, better than I could’ve ever imagined. Our photographer, Danielle Joy, did an amazing job and she traveled from Utah to New Mexico for our […]

Giveaway *Closed*- Win a Handmade Sequin Pumpkin!

My very first blog post is one of my favorite projects of all time. These sequin pumpkins are so perfect for fall and Halloween. My mom and I made these pumpkins the first time three years ago and I still love them. We bring them out every year for the season. […]

Teeny Tiny Bathroom Remodel

When you only have one bathroom, its really  hard to remodel it. When you have a small bathroom, its even HARDER. We love, love, LOVE our home! But the bathroom needed the most help. Good thing I married an awesome guy, because the bathroom turned out AMAZING. It is 1000 times better now. I […]

Backyard Chickens, First Time Chicken Owners, Urban Chickens

Chicken Shenanigans : First Time Chicken Owners

Ever since we got chickens a few short months ago, everyone loves to ask me about them and I mean everyone. Not “how’s married life?” or “how’s Washington?” it’s always “how are the chickens doing?” and “are they laying eggs yet?” No eggs yet, but everyday is one day closer and […]

The Coop is Complete!

The coop is complete and we are so happy about it! We got baby chicks just over two months ago and it has been quite an adventure. At first they were living in our dining room in a box with a heat lamp, but they quickly outgrew that. We knew we […]

A Weekend in Seattle

We decided to take a quick trip to Seattle this past weekend. It was the perfect weekend get away from Spokane. We left early on Saturday morning and spent Saturday night and most of Sunday there before driving home that night. What a perfect weekend hop? A weekend in Seattle is […]